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The Optical Pickup area is where we keep all the lasers.

From Minidisc to CD, CDROM and CDR lasers to Minidisk Magnetic Heads and related items, you'll find what you need in this section if you're working with digital optics.

All our lasers are sourced as OEM items. This means that if you order a laser for a Tascam MD-801R, we will be supplying you with the exact laser, sourced directly from Tascam.

This applies to the entire stock. We do not support spurious suppliers and we insist on the original item to the exact specification of the manufacturer. We achieve this by buying our stock directly from each respective product manufacturer rather than from a generic laser / optical pickup manufacturer.
Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 Image

Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3
Laser / optical pickup

Denon and Pioneer laser Image

Denon and Pioneer laser
Laser / Traverse Unit for various CD/MP3 players

KSS-240A optical pick-up Image

KSS-240A optical pick-up
Widely used laser / optical pickup found in Denon, Tascam and Sony KSS-240A