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This is where you'll find everything speaker related.

From horns, tweeters and diaphragms to woofers, sub bass and mid range drivers, from 5" to 18" and beyond. We've also got re-cone kits and crossover parts as well as complete crossover modules.

All our speaker parts are sourced as OEM items. This means that if you order a tweeter for a KRK Rokit 8G2, we will be supplying you with the exact tweeter, sourced directly from KRK systems.

This applies to the entire stock. We do not support spurious suppliers and we insist on the original item to the exact specification of the manufacturer. We achieve this by buying our stock directly from each respective product manufacturer rather than from a generic speaker manufacturer.
Speaker Parts
Dynaudio Tweeter Image

Dynaudio Tweeter
Dynaudio 81622 tweeter

KRK Rokit RP5G2 Amplifier Image

KRK Rokit RP5G2 Amplifier
Complete rear panel with amp, preamp & power transformer

KRK RP6 RP6G2 woofer yellow (LFK6B) Image

KRK RP6 RP6G2 woofer yellow (LFK6B)
This is the original yellow bass driver for the RP6 and the RP6G2

Dynaudio BM6A MkI Woofer Image

Dynaudio BM6A MkI Woofer
Genuine OEM item from Ireland's Dynaudio Service Centre, Fixtronix.

Dynaudio BM10 Woofer - RED/ORANGE Image

Dynaudio BM10 Woofer - RED/ORANGE
Genuine OEM item from Ireland's Dynaudio Service Centre, Fixtronix.